Third Annual Team Transplant Benefit Dinner with Dr Mark Harrast and Jennifer Herlihy, Nov 5, 2016


Team Transplant is now a part of the University of Washington’s Combined Fund Drive, a statewide fundraising effort that is directed to state employees and agencies to raise funds for hundreds of charities:

*    State employees can make paycheck donations directed to the charity
of their choice:
*    Non-state employees can also now make donations:

These funding opportunities make us very excited about the future of our team!    In the upcoming year, we plan to use the money to increase our visibility; find ways to engage more transplant recipients, living donors, family members, and employees; provide better support to our team members; and continue to work toward a plan to make our team sustainable.

Recent Press Releases:

Remember that first day of practice waaaaay  back in August when Marty Reimer (DJ from 95.7, The Jet…and formerly of The Mountain) showed up …Here’s the podcast he was working on!  Thanks to Shirley Schultz, Alvin Valencia, and UWMC physician Mark Harrast for representing us so well!

Check out Jack Frank on King5 news and the texting pillbox!  Jack has been a part of Team Transplant for about 4 years…His uncle, Willie Richardson—also his kidney donor, and grandparents, Jo and Tom Richardson also join us for practices!  Proud to call them all Team Transplanters!


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