How It All Started


Well it started something like this……… “Hey, Tami.  I’m thinking about starting a team of transplant recipients to train for walking in the Seattle Marathon next November. What do you think?”  Hmmmm. What did I think?  Walking a half marathon was not exactly in my plans for the near future.  But I told Alysun I was on board with the idea not really thinking what I was committing myself to.  That was nine years ago and today I’m in training with Team Transplant for our first Rock and Roll Marathon in just two weeks.

The decision I made that morning was one of the best I’ve made in the last ten years.  Although I took a few years off to pursue one of my passions, ballroom dancing, this will be the 5th marathon I’ve competed in with Team Transplant.  Let me tell you that sometimes it’s not easy getting up at 6:00 on a rainy Saturday morning to meet the Team for our 8:00 training session.  But when you arrive and see the Team Transplant tent with water bottles and fig newtons on the table you just feel so much better.  We start out with a short warm up and among the moans and groans you hear quite a bit of laughing.  And then we begin our full training session – the walkers head out in one direction and the runners in another.  We all walk/run at various speeds but ultimately meet up at the TT tent to sign in when we are done . Afterward, we’ll sometime stop for breakfast to enjoy the feeling of having given your body a great workout and fortify it with good food.

Today is another day and Team Transplant has allowed me to fully enjoy each and every day.  By allowing your body to work efficiently your body then allows you to do whatever you want to do to enjoy life.  Looking back to nine years ago when I told Alysun I would join Team Transplant I was pretty naive about what it would entail.  But now I know and I’m still here and I’m guessing I’ll be doing this for quite some time.

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