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Alysun Deckert, MSRD, inpatient clinical dietician

alysun_cropAlysun Deckert founded the Team Transplant group in 2001.  As an experienced runner who has competed in the US Olympic marathon trials and with a background in nutrition and exercise sciences, she saw it as a natural extension to her work at UWMC with kidney, liver and pancreas transplant patients. Of the team, she says, “I thought I could do more to promote fitness among the transplant recipients and within the workplace.  Additionally, we are promoting organ donation awareness by showing that transplant recipients can lead active, vital lives even after surgery.”
Each season, she organizes the training schedules for the Team Transplanters as they prepare for their races.  This includes sending out weekly e-mails to team members and supporters, updating them on events and practice information; providing them with helpful training tips; and offering words of encouragement. Each training session brings the team closer to their goal of  completing the 13.1 mile event.

The enthusiastic spirit and camaraderie of the team are what keep her coming back.  “For the recipients, it’s more than training for a race,” she says. “They are just so excited to be able to exercise at all after being so ill. For them, every day is a celebration.  And that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

University of Washington Recognition Awards 2006

The Team Transplant Department of Homeland Security:

Janette Morantes, RN, Kidney Transplant clinic

janette_webJanette has been a Team Transplanter since day 1.  When she joined the team, she was working as a nurse in the Cardiac ICU, and has since transferred to Transplant Services where she works in the outpatient kidney transplant clinic.   Over the years, Janette has transitioned from a walker to run-walker and has an ongoing rivalry with liver transplant recipients, Mark Rosinbum, Gary Lanis, and Jonathon Baird to see who can finish practices and races first.  Her PR is now well under the 3hour mark having finished the 2008 Seattle Marathon in 2:46:31.


Julie Sprinkle, PharmD, Transplant Services

julie_sprinkleJulie states that she has been involved with the team since “the beginning of time.”    Her favorite training route is the Leschi-Interlaken course because of its scenery and close proximity to her house.   She takes a laid-back approach to her races and actually has no clue what her PR (Personal Record) is.   In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, reading, skiing, and car clubs.    And just what keeps her coming back to Team Transplant?   The team camaraderie…getting to work with a great group of motivated, fun, and organized people.

Susan Bussell,  RD, outpatient kidney, pancreas, and lung transplant clinic


Susan has been on board with Team Transplant from the start and has bragging rights to a very fine PR of 2 hours.  In addition to running and walking, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and kids (and their new dog, Thomas Edward, who provides plenty of opportunities for cross-training); playing tennis; boating; taking pilates lessons; gardening, reading, and cooking.   Her favorite part of being involved with Team Transplant?   “The team!” of course.

Apparel:  Susan Isoshima






Registrar, Treasurer:  Mike Gave






Webmaster: Lenard Yen, Liver transplant recipient, 2004

06/22/2013 Rock N Roll Half MarathonLenard has been on the team since 2005 and is man of many talents!  His creative endeavors are not just limited to our website.  He’s also an accomplished painter and writer who occasionally shares his original homemade baked creations with us after workouts.  Training has become a huge part of Lenard’s life as it offers many opportunities for thought and reflection.  It’s also been a big part of his recovery process after transplant as he has continued to get stronger each every year!  This is quite evident by his close to 3-hour PR.


Rounding out the Team Transplant Planning Committee:

Mark Rosinbum,  Liver transplant recipient, 2001


Mark is one of our original team members having taken the leap to join just 2 months after receiving his liver transplant in 2001.  Since then he has been an integral part of the team, helping with planning, ordering team apparel, and leading the warm-up routine at practices.   He has truly incorporated walking into his lifestyle and can be seen out and about walking to work;  to and from the auto shop to have his daughter’s car fixed; and even to pick up his race packet the day before a race.  Currently, he’s off to Spain completing another section of Via de la Plata, a 600-mile pilgrimage route that journeys along old Roman roads between Seville and Santiago de Campestela.


Ron Adkins, heart transplant recipient, 2000




Dick Fitzgerald, Heart transplant recipient




Glenda Roberts, Kidney transplant recipient


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