Profiles: Mary-Jo Fraser


Back to Mari-Jo Fraser.   It turns out that last Sunday was not just Issaquah Salmon Days.  It was the 6 year anniversary of her transplant…and so amazing that she chose to spend the first part of the day with us.  In true TT spirit, she showed up decked out in official wasabi-Gatorade green apparel, and carryied a helium butterfly balloon.   The plan…to release the balloon at some point during the race.  At the call to the start, she eagerly made her way to middle of the crowd.   As the gun went off, our crew of supporters provided an enthusiastic send off to our racers and as Mari Jo crossed the start line, our eyes looked up toward the sky for the balloon.  It was only a few minutes later that we saw it…drifting up into the sky, a tribute to all of the people who have provided the gift of life and opportunity for hope to so many others.

After getting coffee, our support crew re-assembled over near the 6 mile mark  where we could cheer our folks on as they completed their final 0.2 miles.  As Mari-Jo approached, she had a huge smile on her face…and the twinkle in her eye…another tribute to that the gift of life.

Congrats on a fine performance, Mari-Jo…and on your incredible journey over the last 6 years!

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