2009 Seattle Half Marathon Wrap Up

Seattle Half Marathon Wrap Up—Another Amazing Team Transplant Weekend!
It’s almost been a week now…the dust has settled…your muscles are starting to limber up…the spring is returning to your step…and hopefully what you’ve just accomplished has started to sink in…because what you’ve just accomplished is a Big Deal.

For you rookies, simply finishing your first 5k or half marathon is a Big Deal. It may have been something that seemed unimaginable just 4 months ago and now…it’s a reality!  For those of you who’ve done this race nine times now…the training, the course, the build-up may all seem a bit routine, but think back to where you started.  To have 13.1 miles…on this challenging course…seem routine…That is a Big Deal!

While all of you followed the same path on race day, each of your journeys was different.  Your reasons for starting the training…for keeping it up…for actually making it to the starting line…All different.   And each year you do it, your reasons will probably change.   Next time your goal may be to not just finish, but to improve your time…or perhaps to use it as a way to encourage a family member or friend to exercise along with you… maybe you’ll try to run  it…or at least some more of it.   And while your motivations keep changing…they keep bringing you back…Back to the team where some things will stay the same.  You’ll continue to get stronger and healthier… to make lasting friendships…and to show the whole world that organ transplant recipients can and do live active, healthy lives!

And those things…well… those are the things that are the Biggest Deals of all!


Highlights from the Big Weekend….Recapping a few memorable moments…
•    Watching our 5kers on Saturday morning…We had 11 participants entered in Saturday morning’s race including Vanessa Whitacre, Colin Rines, Carla Trulson-Essenberg, Reggie White, Jennifer Herlihy, and Frank Irigon.    They did an amazing job and showed that the continuum of training sometimes involves backing off and starting slowly…but not giving up completely!
•    Just as exciting was the support crew that showed up to cheer them on!   Believe me…when you’ve got Sam Patterson, Ron Adkins, Jason Stahl, Terry Way, Steve Reynolds, Lenard Yen, and Andy Deckert all rooting for you, you will pick up the pace!
•    Listening to Jennifer Herlihy and Jason Stahl tell their stories at the pre-race pasta dinner on Saturday night!   They did an incredible job and left everyone inspired for the next day’s events!
•    Hearing Janette Morantes say that she couldn’t believe how much better our team members looked coming up the hill on Galer compared to everyone else!
•    Mari-Jo Fraser‘s stealth appearance as she squeezed us in between baseball seasons!
•    Looking up to see Mark Rosinbum running up Galer Hill…and then watching Mark Scott, Lenard Yen, and Jonathon Baird (who, by the way, is totally a public speaker whether he thinks he is or not!)  all follow suit!
•    Anne Hagerty‘s big course PR!  She clipped 5 minutes off last year’s time and broke 3 hours in the process!
•    Dan Tennant’s and Shirley Schultz‘s incredible Team Transplant debuts!  Expect to seem them dipping below the 3-hour barrier very, very soon!
•    Terry Way and son, Jeff, finishing the race together; and Ron Adkins and daughter, Heather, doing the same!  It’s wonderful to see exercise becoming a family tradition!
•    Tami Sadusky…actually this is a missed memorable moment…I missed seeing the gap Tami gained on Mike coming up the hill.  Next time, Michael….I’ll be there!  You can count it!   And Tami…you go, girl!
•    Sam Patterson‘s course record of 4:11:06…Sam is now an HOUR faster than he was 5 years ago when he started with us.  Turns out he also negative splitted the race on Sunday (meaning he did the second half of the race faster than the first!)…an amazing feat in any race…but especially notable with the hills in the final half of this one.
•    Jason Stahl…Talk about continuum of training!   This guy has it down!  Last year he was just too fresh out of transplant to make 13.1 miles, but he still came up to do the 5k.  And this year…Look at him?   He’s a half-marathoner!
•    Having Dick Fitzgerald back!  He hasn’t sported a Team Transplant jersey for this race since 2006.  Good to know he’s returning to form!
•    Micah Gwinn...proving that commitment , dedication, and teamwork is what it’s all about as he finished along with good friend and training partner, Lenore Miller!
•    And last, but certainly not least….Allen Vary‘s debut marathon performance.  He learned the hard lesson that even when you do your best to train, things don’t have to go your way….But he also showed us that even though things don’t go your way, you can still feel pretty good about how you did!
Thanks for an amazing day, everyone!   It truly was a privilege to be out there on Sunday to cheer you all on!

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