Schedule Update – August 5


Practice starts soon…and I’m really excited because I’ve already gotten physician release forms from FIVE new transplant recipients!   For those of you who’ve been on the team for quite a while…you better watch out because this incoming recruiting class is eagerhungry….and from what our scouting reports tell us…talented!   I have a feeling we’re going to be the team to watch this season!

Of course…we have a few housekeeping tasks to cover before we get to that point:

·         Paperwork—both the physician release form and the team registration form are attached:

o   Physician Release Form—We need this from transplant recipients and pre-transplant candidates only.  And, yes…it needs to be updated each year!

o   Team Registration form—Everyone…Transplant recipients, pre-transplant candidates, employees, friends, family, living donors…needs to turn this one in…

o   Membership fees—Transplant recipients/Living donors/pre-transplant candidates—please let us know if you are unable to pay the membership fee.  We do not want finances to prevent your participation in Team Transplant!

·         Training Schedules—Look  for these next week…Training starts Monday, Aug. 8th and our first group practice will be at Green Lake at 8:00am on Saturday, Aug. 13th!

·         Volunteering—While we are an exercise program, we’re also about community and inspiration…so if you’re not up to training this season…talk to us about volunteer opportunities!  We’d love to find a way to include you in the Team Transplant experience!

I look forward to meeting our new team members and catching up with everyone else….

A reminder that training begins on Monday, Aug. 8th…and our first group practice will be Saturday, Aug. 13th at Green Lake.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when you choose a training schedule:

    • Advanced Runner                             For those used to running 6+miles, 3-4 times/week
    • Intermediate Runner                      For those used to running 3-4 miles, 3-4 times/week
    • Beginning Runner/Run-Walk       For those running 2-3 miles, 3-4 times/week or transitioning from a walking to a running program
    • Advanced Walker                             For those who’ve been walking 4-6miles/day, 3-4 times/week
    • Beginning Walker                             For those who are up to the 3-mile walking requirement for joining the team

You don’t absolutely have to do everything on the day that’s listed, but try to stay true to the spirit of the schedule:

1. Choose the schedule that is right for you right now. Don’t be afraid to start with the beginning walker or runner schedule if you’re new to training or haven’t been out in a while.  All the schedules are designed to do the same thing…to get you to cover 13.1 miles successfully on June 18th!!  Doing more than you’re ready for will only increase your risk for injury and breakdown…and we can always make adjustments later on if you feel the schedule isn’t advancing as quickly as you’d like.

2. Focus on consistency. No weekend warriors!  The goal is to train 5 days/week…even if you can’t do as much as the schedule says or on the day it says to do something.  Consistency will help you build the stamina and endurance you’ll need for the long workouts and for your race.  It will also help prevent injury…and, remember what they say….a regular exercise routine is good for you!

3. Include one long work-out each week.   We will gradually increase the distance of this workout over the next 16 weeks. Ultimately, you will all do at least one workout in the 10-12 mile range before the race. Some of you advanced folks will hit that distance during the first 6 weeks of the schedule.

4. Make cross-training part of your routine. Include at least one cross-training training day/week….helps build fitness, prevents injuries, and keeps you mentally fresh!

Examples of cross-training activities:  biking (including exercise biking), yoga, swimming, hiking, elliptical trainers, skiing, ice skating…

5. Don’t forget stretching and strengthening.  Include warm up exercises before your workout and stretching afterwards…We have handouts posted on Team Snap to guide you!    We will also be sending out a workout or exercise of the week through Team Snap to help you focus on strengthening.

6. REST!!  Rest days are an essential part of training…Do not be afraid to take the rest days!   They’re your reward for being consistent with your training….

In the meantime…if you’re still on the fence…take a look at these links:

·         The Lancet:  Physical Activity 2016—Progress and Challenges

·         American Institute for Cancer Research: More Evidence of the Role of Exercise in Cancer Prevention

·         KOMO News:  Life after Cancer?  Exercise!

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