4 thoughts on “what would you do if i sang out of tune

  1. greenglove says:

    steve reynolds: I knew coming out of my liver transplant I would need to do something, but what? Team Transplant and Alysun showed me the way. How to safely regain my strength and GET OUT THERE. What a great group. We even made up a little rhyme: “Without Alysun, where would we be? At home on the couch, watching TV”. Not only able to do many half-marathon walks, I’m saved from the “Soaps”. TTX makes my life.

  2. greenglove says:

    jeannie reynolds: Team Transplant means a lot to me for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of the amazing people I’ve come to know…a truly inspirational bunch. Every story is different, but we are brought together because we, or someone close to us, shares a health circumstance that is life changing and life affirming. The whole experience of being involved provides me with a positive energy about living well, but also is a very good exercise program to keep me healthy.

  3. colinrines says:

    Hi all. I thought about everyone walking this morning as I got up at 7AM to watch Vanessa walk down the beach. I tried to call the team phone but no answer. Weather in Maui is boring…80 degrees. It is reallly hard to walk in this weather. Way too hot, no refreshing rain, etc.

    Well “the good times they are a-ending”. Back home to Seattle tomorrow and practice next Saturday. We miss you folks alot. Remember the Prime Directive: Keep Alysun happy!

    Colin & Vanessa

  4. admin says:

    Tuesday, April 28th, 10:00am…UWMC 3rd floor lobby. Unveiling of new Organ Transplant Tribute Wall.

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