Labor Day Reflections

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited about our upcoming 3-day weekend (and yes, I did just have an entire week off)!    I love the thought of being able to relax AND get things done…of staying up late on a Sunday night and of getting at least one day to sleep in.  Who knows?…Maybe I’ll even finish a book!  Of course, it is Labor Day weekend so it does bring with it some sadness…It means that our summer is winding down…The leaves will be turning color.  The days will be growing shorter.  The air will pick up an edge of crispness as the temperature cools and the rainy demeanor of the Pacific Northwest returns.

But, at the same time, it represents a starting point…It’s the beginning of the school year…a time to wipe the slate clean with a new class schedule; to buy new school books, clothes, and cross-country spikes:-); and to make new friends and meet new people.   We’ve had a spectacular first 4 weeks of training, and as we settle into fall, I hope that you’re able to see it as a starting point…a time to renew your fitness goals, to reflect upon how far you’ve come since you started training (whether it was a month ago or 9 years ago), and to remember all of the people who’ve been there to support you and encourage you along the way!

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