Schedule Update – July 8

Schedule Update – July 8


Another RNR Half Marathon and Team Transplant season in the books!

Thanks to everyone who participated and made it so much fun and worthwhile…We had stellar representation on race day and several team members who set significant PRs…

With a slight change in the starting area, we met at a new place which worked out perfectly.  It turns out, however, that we were not the only ones who thought about the convenience  and necessity of meeting next to Starbucks.  With a 7am start, they must’ve made quite a killing that morning based on the line to order pre-race coffee!

While we waited for the race to begin, I got my pre-race photos, a team picture, and even a pre-race video interview with Mari Jo Fraser before heading  out to my post out on Lake Washington Boulevard.  As I made my way to my location, I ran into Evan Clemens’ wife who kept me company until Evan, our first finisher, zipped by…She then left so she could catch him at the finish.  I continued to make my way to Gennessee Park where I waited for the rest of of the team to come by.  The weather forecast was sketchy…threatening 80% chance of rain showers.  There was about a 20 minute-period when we had some light rain but otherwise made it through the race unscathed weatherwise.  It actually turned out to be a pretty perfect day for racing.

Once everyone cleared my check point (and I’d gotten a picture of them)…I headed to Centurylink to the finish area.  Unfortunately, a good day for racing doesn’t mean it’s a good for an outdoor concert so the usual finish line festivities were a bit thin this year…but that only made it easier to find people!  Julie Sprinkle and Susan Bussell did a wonderful job of stepping into Ron and Dick’s shoes…managing the start and finish for us…They even took photos of everyone who came to check out after the race…

And…while we made it through the race without any dire weather problems…we did get a couple pretty good down pours during the post-race celebration.  Fortunately, we have a team full of canopy owners who showed up early and had the canopies set up  in time for  the rest of our guests to stay nice and dry while enjoying their BBQ!

Here’s a run down of how our team did…

Our Half Marathoners

·       Evan Clemens                                                    1:36:31–previous best 1:45:10 (from last fall’s Seattle Half)…That’s 10 minutes faster in 6 months!

·       Cole Lorimer                                                    2:30:11

·       Steve Philips, Liver transplant                                 2:37:22 –previous best 3:09:50.  That’s over 22 minutes improvement!

·       Michelle Averill                                                        2:44:25

·       Anne Lund                                                       2:44:27

·       Mari Jo Fraser, Liver Transplant                                        2:47:04

·       Joyce Jackson, NWKC                                             2:59:19Previous best 3:20:57.   That’s over 20 minutes faster!

·       Jon Baird, Liver Transplant                                     3:09:31

·       Tami Sadusky, Kidney-pancreas transplant                        3:31:55

·       Joe Florendo                                                    3:33:29

·       Len Yen, Liver Transplant                                       3:35:44

·       Imelda Florendo                                         3:40:58

·       Carla Trulson-Essenberg and Dave Trulson, Lung Transplant       3:48:10

·       Glenda Roberts, Kidney Transplant                               3:48:46–Previous best  4:27:38.  That’s an improvement of over 38 minutes!

·       Starla and Doug Sage, Lung Transplant                           3:54:16–Previous best 4:03:07.  That’s almost a 9 minute improvement!

·       Cal and Davin Sturdivant                                        4:06:20

·       Nancy and Bruce MacNeill, Liver Transplant                      4:07:41–Previous best 4:53:32.  That’s a whopping 46 minutes faster!

Our 8k-ers

·       Susan Isoshima                                                  1:02:30

·       Dennis and Carol Lynn Cole                                      1:38:12


Thanks again for a great season…from our racers to our volunteers to our planners to our supporters who push out the door each Saturday morning…We couldn’t do it without any of you! 

·       Special thanks go to Susan Bussell and Julie Sprinkle for their help on race day; to Janette Morantes and Cathy Seifert for providing support out on the course; and to Jon Baird for planning another very special post-race/post-season celebration!

·       Stay tuned for Team Transplant 2016-2017Paperwork will be coming out very soon!

o       Training schedules start up again on Monday, Aug. 8th

o       First team practice, Saturday, Aug. 13th

o       Kick Off Breakfast, Saturday, Aug. 20th

o       Dawg Dash Throwdown, Sunday, Oct. 23rd

o       Third Annual Team Transplant Fundraising dinner, Saturday, Nov. 5th

o       The Seattle Half Marathon, Sunday, Nov. 27th!  

·       And just a reminder…There are lots of race day pictures, video interviews, and Throw-Back Thursday pictures and articles on our Facebook page ( )…Be sure to check them out…and give us a LIKE!

Enjoy your summer!

·         Steve Philips’ time is actually a 32 minute improvement!  (That’s what I get for doing math in my head…)

·         And Dennis Cole is a Heart Transplant!  (He’s got a great video interview and race picture posted on our Facebook page!)


Also…Alvin Valencia, kidney recipient and one of our Vashon Team Transplanters passed this message along: 

Great Job Everyone!!! We”ll see you next season!! Alvin

Jennifer Herlihy Hat Tricks Gold at Transplant Games in Cleveland!

Jennifer Herlihy Hat Tricks Gold at Transplant Games in Cleveland!


I thought you’d all like to know how Jennifer Herlihy did at the Transplant Games in Cleveland this past weekend

It turns out…she did an AMAZING job!

·       On Saturday, she won gold in the 5k in 25:42.  She didn’t quite meet her time goal but by all reports it was incredibly humid and they were running into a very strong headwind!

·       Todayshe came back and owned the trackwinning 2 more gold medals and a silver!

o       800m    3:23   (gold)  

o       1500m   6:50   (gold)

o       400m    1:27 (silver)

And…at some point…she also played in the basketball tournament, but  I haven’t gotten word on how that went!

Congratulations to Jennifer, and thanks for representing our team so well…We’re incredibly proud to call you a  Team Transplanter!

There are more pictures from Jennifer’s experience posted on Facebook (along with an interview with her as well as interviews with Tami Sadusky, Jon Baird, Carla Trulson-Essenberg, and Glenda Roberts…and there are still more to come!)

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Schedule Update – May 13

Schedule Update – May 13


We are back at Seward Park tomorrow and expecting another spectacular Team Transplant morning… if you have not yet liked us on Facebook, you do so now… I’ve been posting pictures every Saturday so be sure to take a look to see if you’re in any of them!  And …if you haven’t been coming to practices…you can see what you’ve been missing!

I also want to give shout outs to our volunteers…Really…I can’t emphasize how much they do and how important their role has been in keeping our practices running this season!

Homeland Security

·         Janette Morantes—Janette is often the one up early and setting cones to mark our routes; She also helps with storing and transporting our practice supplies; and is often a back-up water station volunteer.

·         Julie Sprinkle—Julie coordinates volunteers for Saturday mornings; assists with setting and retrieving cones; and provides back up as a water station volunteer.

·         Susan Bussell—Susan also helps with course set up; purchasing practice and nutrition supplies; is a back-up water station volunteer; and filled in for me one Saturday morning.

o   Janette, Julie, and Susan have been involved with Team Transplant for OVER 15 years!

·         Susan Isoshima—Susan helps maintain our paperwork and manage our apparel inventory

·         Mike Gave—Mike is our data entry man and maintains our database. He also provides additional support by monitoring our practices on his bike!

o   Mike and Susan have been involved for 5 years!

·         Ron Adkins—Ron continues to be our main water station volunteer…He manages sign-in/sign-outs for practices and keeps an eye on all your car keys once you take off for the workout!

o   Ron has been involved for over 14 years!


·         Afsoon Sehat—Afsoon is new to our team this season and has really stepped up to help with our water stations at practices this season…She is  the reason we’ve been able to have them at so many practices!

BBQ Planning and Team Snap

·         Jon Baird—Jon has taken over post-race celebration planning and is doing an amazing job!  He’s also the one managing Team Snap for us…and sending out additional reminders!



·         Maggie Kim—She manages our book keeping and serves as a liaison to the UWMC and the transplant department…and I just spoke with a UW financial person who only knows her for the bookkeeping works she’s done for our team…and she said, “Maggie is a rock star!”

Schedule Update – April 8

Schedule Update – April 8

Quick recap of last week’s “who knows their fitness challenge”, the Go_Long_UW_entrance

Quick recap of last week’s “who knows their fitness challenge”, the Go Long 520 Floating Bridge 10K!

For all the anticipated craziness and chaos…last Saturday’s race turned out to be a pretty good event for us!

It was clear that everyone showed up primed and ready for the competition….I know our captains were busy juggling details, recruiting team members, and sending updates up until the very last minute on Friday night (I think the last message I received was from Glenda Roberts at 10:20pm)    I’d love to give you the full results…but so far I’ve just gotten results from Spare Parts and Fig Newtons…still waiting to hear from Bakery Buns and Team Hope!

Looking back…this race might not have been an ideal choice for an early-season predict-your-time event….

·         A month before the event, they closed the 5k option and made it a 10k only…

·         They offered a non-timed option which some of our group inadvertently entered—which means we have to rely on their reported times. This definitely calls into question the credibility of the results!

·         There were so many people crowded onto the bridge that, at times, the race came to a grinding halt…

·         And…they turned people around early if they weren’t on pace to make the time limit…

HOWEVER…Keeping in mind the big picture here…I think we managed to meet our true objectives….

·         We were well represented… Our 4 teams brought together 48 people to represent UWMC Team Transplant…See attached pre-race photo!    Jon Baird mentioned afterwards that he received many comments from other race participants on his team shirt (thank you Nancy MacNeill!)Vanessa Whitacre and Colin Rines also caught some good attention by carrying the Team Transplant banner out onto the course.

·         Everyone got a feel for what it’s like to be in a big race…

·         We had incredible team spirit and camaraderie….starting in the hospital lobby before the race (it’s amazing how energetic and happy you all can be at 6:30 in the morning!)…continuing out into the starting area…and onto the race course…through the finish…and back to the lobby!  You all did your usual incredible job of supporting each other and cheering one another on!

·         AND…you all got to participate in a once in a lifetime event on the world’s longest floating bridge!

Some notable performances…

·         Thank you to our team captains…Jon Baird and Susan Isoshima; Tami Sadusky and Mike Anthony; Lenard Yen and Mark Scott; and Glenda Roberts!

·         Thanks to Colin and Vanessa for volunteering to help with our booth…

·         Thanks to Joyce Jackson who was prevented from competing due to another commitment but still could not stay away from the chaos…She showed up in full Team Transplant apparel at 6:30am to introduce a friend to our team and to wish everyone good luck!

·         Willie Richardson was up and out at the race at 4:30am to help with course set up!

·         Mike Bailey finished 17th overall, won his age group, and was only 10 seconds off his predicted time!

·         Tom and Jo Richardson won their age groups—and Tom was a mere 18 seconds off his time prediction…

·         Susan Isoshima missed her time by 21 seconds!

·         Mike Gave, Linda Benefiel, and Steve Phillips all showed up again on Sunday for the Go LONG 20-mile Bike Ride!

Thanks for another amazing Team Transplant Saturday morning!



Happy New Year!  2015 Seattle Marathon Recap Edition

Happy New Year! 2015 Seattle Marathon Recap Edition


  I’m really not sure where December went…I fully intended to get our race recap out before the end of the year,  but perhaps sending this out at the beginning of the year is better since you’ll all be working on your New Year’s Resolutions instead of focusing on holiday parties and shopping!? 

 It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since we last met…and now it’s a BRAND NEW YEAR!

But what a wonderful day to use as a foundation for your resolutions…Team Transplant once again proved its standing in the world of endurance athletics.  While the season was filled with some unfortunate and unexpected challenges…a couple of broken bones (not related to training); a case of gout; a pneumonia; plantar fasciitis; a hamstring pull; a bad back…Race day brought surprises of a more pleasant nature…

 ·         Evan Clemens, one of our transplant pharmacists was Team Transplant’s first finisher, bringing home an impressive PR…finishing in 1:45:10, over 8 minutes off his previous best time.  I think Evan even surprised himself!

·         Cappy Neimerthe first big surprise was seeing Cappy at the Channel 9 Building.  I had not heard from him since our first practice, after which he headed off to Bellingham where he goes to school at Western.  The second big surprise (probably because I hadn’t heard from him) was that he finished not that far behind Evan, running an excellent time of 1:46:23…As a liver transplant recipient, he set the new record for all-time best for Team Transplant transplant recipients…

·         Brian LeeWON…yes…that says WON…the Men’s half marathon walk!  It was a VERY fun and exciting surprise to see his name listed among the top finishers in The Seattle Times the day after the race and then afterwards making sure everyone knew that he is one of our liver transplants!

·         Marcella San Martini, UWMC volunteer extraordinaire, WON her age group in the Women’s half marathon walk…so humble…she attributes this to…well…the age of her age group…but I think the rest of us know that she’s actually a pretty darn speedy walker for any age category!

·         Craig Elliott…another liver recipient… was actually a surprise when he showed up out of the blue for the Dawg Dash back in October…but so wonderful that he stuck with us for the remainder of the season, and completed his first half marathon, finishing in a very fine time of 3:51:40!

·         Alvin Valencia…is BACK…which…simply put…is WONDERFUL news!   He is a kidney recipient from about 5 years ago and finished strongly in 2:19:44

·         Shirley Schultz , another liver recipient, was our big surprise at the fundraising dinner where she hit a home run by sharing the patient perspective of Team Transplant…Race day…she again knocked it out of the park by running a very strong 2:38 half marathon!

·         Mari Jo Fraser never ceases to amaze me.  A liver recipient from over 10 years ago…we rarely see at practices because of her busy family schedule, but she never fails to show up and represent on race day!  She completed the 13.1 miles in 2:40:50!

·         Katie and Terry Way…This dynamic duo…Katy a living kidney donor and Terry, a liver recipient—and, in fact, one of our original team members—train together and race together.  They finished neck-in-neck , crossing the finish line in just over 4 hours!

·         Greg Eisen..One of our kidney recipients, another very dedicated Team Transplanter…had a phenomenal race…finishing in 3:41:51…which is the EXACT SAME TIME he finished in in 2013!  (Go ahead…Look it up!  You’ll be surprised!)

·         Jon Baird, a liver recipient from 20 years ago,  is one of our most reliable and committed team members…He helps with several committees, manages Team Snap, and shows up to nearly every practice…His time of 3:21:01 is..ahem…not surprisingly…proof of his dedication!

·         Steve Philips, another liver recipient, who just joined us in the past year and has been doing quite a bit of running, decided to back off the pace a little for the this race,  choosing to walk vs. run but still finished in an excellent time of 3:09:50!

·         Mark RosinbumMark is a liver recipient and one of our original team members…He has completed the Seattle Half every year that Team Transplant has been in existence and his consistency shows…Fifteen years later and he’s still able to pull off 3:16:25 for 13.1 miles!

·         Andy Deckert…Andy’s my dad…He has travelled from Kansas every year since our inaugural season in 2001 to compete with the team…He is always pleased to finish close to Mark Rosinbum…Indeed, he did that again this year with a time of 3:17:31!

·         Mark Scottanother liver recipient…rarely walks alone…typically he has family or his dog, Lucky, along for company…This race was a rare event where he had to soldier forward on his own, and he managed an impressive 3:04:26 in his first solo effort!

·         Wei Chou is one of our nurse coordinators for the Heart Transplant program…and this was her very first half marathon.   We missed her at the Channel 9 Building so it was a WONDERFUL surprise to see her on Galer…She finished her debut in a very impressive 3:08:06!

·         Starla Sage, one of our lung recipients, and her husband Doug have been dedicated team members who maintain their training despite a busy travel schedule…the only problem is that I’m not sure how well training in Hawaii and Southern California prepares one for a Seattle race in November!   Still they managed the hilly, somewhat chilly walk in just over 4 hours!

·         Heather Adkins and Deb Tamura…both part of the team through Ron Adkins…maintained a steady pace throughout and finished together in 4:21:05!

 As always…we had wonderful support on the sidelines…

·         Glenda Roberts and Shirley Schultz both helped out at the UW Medicine table at the Expo

·         Dixie Service did an excellent job in her role as first year water station coordinator…Luann Majeed, veteran water station coordinator, was close at hand to help out.  They reported that their group included:  14 Team Transplant volunteers, 3 members from the Boys and Girls Club, and one homeless gentleman who stepped in to help out! Thanks to all who came…Jack Frank, Willie Richardson, Joyce Jackson, Molly Bowdon, Mike Bailey, Pat Bailey, David Bailey, Linda Benefiel, Larry TamuraLet me know who I missed so I can recognize them by name!

·         Susan Bussell accompanied by Janette Morantes, Joyce Jackson (who pulled off double volunteer duty!), Mike Anthony, and Tami Sadusky managed her strong crew at the Mile 9 Cheering station…in fact…they ended up helping with the official RACE water station near their post after the assigned volunteers didn’t show up!  Thanks to all who helped out here…and again…let me know if I missed somebody so I can be sure to give them a shout in my next e-mail!

·         Jon Baird and Janette Morantes once again did a fabulous job of coordinating our post-race celebration…Food was fantastic, the venue warm and inviting, and overall,  the event was a lot of fun!

And from me…thank you for all your kind words, support, and dedication…for showing up on Saturday mornings and believing in what we do!   It’s been an amazing, rewarding, at times exhausting  journey we’ve been on together these past 15 years! I wouldn’t change it for the world…and I so appreciate all that this experience has brought to my life.  So much so…that  Mike and I talk about how much fun it’ll be to show off everything we’ve done to our house….the porch, the yard, the paint job (the paint is dry!), and  our new lovely sunflower table…to all of you at our post-race BBQ in June…Thanks to Janette…You’re all invited!:-)

And speaking of June…it looks like we’ll be starting up training again the first week in March…I’ve already contacted Rock’n Roll, and they’ve assured me that we will have the same system for entering that we have used the past 2 years…so I will soon be sending you more information on our spring season!

In  the meantime…take another look at those resolutions…If you haven’t yet joined the team, this could be a good time to consider it.  And if you have been on the team, maybe it’s time to think about your goals for this spring…training more consistently; taking more time to stretch or focus on strengthening exercises; incorporating more running;  trying to walk at a faster pace; or following a healthier diet.   Whatever you decide…I hope it means I’ll see you in March!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Schedule Update – October 16 – Dawg Dash

Schedule Update – October 16 – Dawg Dash

Looking forward to this weekend… I know we have some great match ups!  

So far…here’s what we’ve got:

·       Steve Philips vs. Bridget O’Conner

·       Michael Bailey vs. Mark Harrast (yes…Dr. Harrast from the podcast will be joining us!)

·       Tami Sadusky vs.  Nancy Masuda

·       Mike Anthony vs. Sam Masuda

·       Jon Baird vs. Micah Gwinn

For those still planning to participate in the challenge

You will need to submit both your time time and your Dawg Dash challengee’s time to Alysun at by midnight the day of the race (12:01am, Oct. 18th)…there WILL BE PRIZES for the winners!

See attached for details!  Transplant Recipients  and Donors…Let us know if you need help with the entry fee!

If all of that’s just way too competitive for you…remember the other reasons we’ll be out on Sunday…

For many of you, this event is on the schedule to offer a chance to test your fitness before the half marathon.  The Dawg Dash is an opportunity for you to try out what half marathon pace feels like so that you have a better idea about your ability to maintain it for 13.1 miles.   For those of you who already feel confident about your pacing, you can try to push to see what it’s like to run faster in a shorter race (as long as you make the appropriate adjustments to your time prediction).  And then when you slow down to run/walk longer distances, I’m betting the pace will seem much easier!


In addition…not everyone is planning to participate in the half marathon…It may be that some people are new to training…or they may be battling injuries and trying to stage a come-back…For them, a 5k could be a significant step forward…If this is the case, then this definitely NOT “just” a 5k…It’s a huge stepping stone reflecting their progress!


And finally….participating in this event increases exposure for our team.  The more people we have participate…the more green that gets seen…and the more people start thinking differently about diet and exercise and transplantation!


For those of you still on the fence….

 if you’re someone who reads the e-mails but hasn’t yet made it out to a practice…we’d still love to see you …Think about just coming out to cheer on your future teammates and meet some new people.  It should a fanatastic time to get to know your team members… maybe rub elbows with some our transplant surgeons,  doctors, and nurses….and, of course…show off all the fitness gains you’ve made since the start of the season!


You’re not off the hook!    Find some place to do a 3-mile pacing workout on your own.  Take a mile to warm up…then try to do 3 miles at your goal pace for the half marathon…and finish with an easy mile to cool down.   You could go to Green Lake…there are quarter mile marks all along the inside trail… or…and I know this sounds boring…find a high school track.   It’ll be 12 laps for 3 miles…like I said…boring…but it’s a really great way to learn pace!

If you try it, I’d love to hear about your experience!  But I do have to say….in the past 6 years that I’ve recommending this as an alternative workout, I have had ONE person get back to me!   So I am throwing this out as an incentive…I will give whoever actually does the workout and then follows up with me a special prize!    To be eligible…you need to let me know your time prediction and/or goal pace by Saturday morning at 8:00am…then send me an update on how it went.  I’ll accept responses through 5:00pm on Sunday!


For information, go to the Dawg Dash Website:

·       We will meet in Red Square between 8:15 and 8:30…near Odegaard Library

Here is the schedule of events:

7:30 AM: Registration/Check-in begins
8:50 AM: Pre-race instructions at the start line
9:00 AM: 5K Run/Walk
9:20 AM: 10K Run begins
9:30 AM: Post Dash Bash
10:15 AM: Awards Ceremony
10:30 AM: Husky Pups Run (for kids 10 & under)

·       Remember to make time to pick up your race packet!

Packet Pick Up:
If you registered in person or online by Wednesday, Oct 14th at Noon you may pick up your race packet and shirt at SUPER JOCK ‘n JILL near Green Lake between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Friday, Oct 16th and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 17th

You can also pick up your packet on the day of the event starting at 7:30am.  Registration will be in Red Square.

·       Weather….It’s looking like it could be a little wet…Be sure to dress appropriately!

From the News Desk

Updates on Molly Huddle and Aries Merritt (our kidney transplant hurdler)

Molly Huddle:

Aries Merritt:

Yahoo News!  Weekend Ending may affect your Metabolism

Kansas City Star: Royals Team Nutritionist Shares Recipe for Protein Energy Balls

Seattle Times First Patient to Test Heart Transplant Device at UW Medicine—I feel like a million bucks!

Schedule Update – Aug 14

Schedule Update – Aug 14

Here we are….the start of Team Transplant Season #15!!

It’s been quite a ride…Starting with 35 members..of which 5 were transplant recipients…in 2001 to where we are today.  We have nearly 30 transplant recipients involved with the team, and all totaled, in the past 15 years, we’ve guided 90 transplant recipients, 12 living donors, and countless friends, family, UWMC employees, care providers and care givers through the Team Transplant program.

In 2001…I was pretty much our volunteer…Now we have an amazing group of committed volunteers who continually show up to make our team work and are invested in making it sustainable…

·         TT Homeland Security:                  Janette Morantes, Susan Bussell, Julie Sprinkle, Michael Gave, Susan Isoshima, Ron Adkins, Dick Fitzgerald, Claudia and Bob Moore, Bridget O’Connor, Luann Majeed

·         Fundraising Committee:              Mark Scott, Shelby Slagle, Tami Sadusky, Maggie Kim, Shirley Schultz, Jon Baird

·         Apparel:                                              Nancy MacNeill  (Mark Rosinbum helped with this for 10+ years)

·         Social Media:                                    Nancy MacNeill (Facebook), Greg Eisen and Len Yen (website),   Jon Baird (we’ll be introducing a new online team management program this season)

·         Strategic Planning:                          Mark Scott, Tami Sadusky, Jennifer Herlihy, Shelby Slagle, Kay Wicks, Dr. Reyes, Chuck Zielinski, Glenda Roberts, Nancy MacNeill, Ron Adkins, Patty Riley, Maggie Kim, Renee DeRosier, Susan Marx

We have a home under the UWMC Service League, and just last year, we hosted our first-ever fundraising dinner and became one of the groups that people can donate to through the UW Combined Fund Drive ( –our goal is to be able to be able to fund team scholarships for transplant recipients, cover training expenses, help purchase team apparel, and support sustained growth…

As we move forward into our new season,  I look forward to seeing the progress we make…but not just from an organizational standpoint…I mostly look forward to watching the progress you all make through your training—whether you’re brand new to the team or coming back from injury, illness, or a busy time in life or looking forward to building on a very successful spring season…It’s exciting to a part of your journeys…to watch you improve and get stronger…and to get to know you.   I think this is a feeling shared by all of our volunteers …

This video seems to sum up the spirit of volunteerism on our team pretty well….


  Team Events

·         Saturday, Aug. 15th…First team practice at Green Lake, 8:00am

o   Usual Spot…The Parking lot between the soccer fields/dirt track and tennis courts just South of the Green Lake Aquatheater and Pitch’n Putt Golf Course

·         Saturday, Aug. 22nd…Kick-off Breakfast and Fitness Clinic…Montlake Community Center

o   See attached Flier

·         Saturday, Sept. 12th…Discount Day at Everyday Athlete in Kirkland—Everything is 15% off…Last Day to turn in Paperwork!


·         Sunday, Oct. 18th ….Dawg Dash-5k


·         Saturday, Nov. 7th… 2nd Annual Team Transplant Fundraising Dinner

o   Maggiano’s in Bellevue.  More details soon!

·         Sunday, Nov. 29th …Seattle Half Marathon and Post-Race Recognition Celebration!

o   Transplant Recipients/Living Donors—You will need to fill out HARD (PAPER) Copies of the entry form—You can find it on the race website

o   Everyone else—You will get a Discount Code to register at the Early Bird price– I’ll be sending this out to team members after Sept. 12th!


Other Events

2015 Puget Sound Stroke and Heart Walk

Seattle Center

Saturday, Oct. 17th

To join a UWMC team, go to:

Paperwork/Training Schedules/Directions to Practice Sites

·         All of this information was sent out in the past week—Please let me know if you need something!

·         I’ve attached the FAQ sheet..

Team Transplant Apparel

We are updating our look…and are very excited about it!    Stay tuned for details….

Online Team Management Site—Team Snap

We are also introducing a new online program to facilitate more team interactions….It will be managed by Jon Baird and will be a “member-only” site so you’ll get access once your paperwork has been submitted!

What to expect at a Team Transplant Practice

When you arrive….

  • Look for a table with a banner that sports our graphical element and logo that says Team Transplant.   Typically you’ll see a bunch of people dressed in green clothing mulling around the area as well…
  • Go to the table where you’ll need to sign in with the Team Transplant Department of Homeland Security
  • Make sure that your cell phone number is the number listed next to your name on the sign in sheet…this is the number we use if we need to track you down!
  • And make sure you have our TT Emergency phone number: (206) 802-8713…. Use this number when…
      • You can’t find our practice location
      • You get lost while out training
      • You aren’t able to finish the workout and need assistance
      • There’s an emergency (If you feel you need to call 911…Call them first and then call us!)
      • You forget to sign out at the end of practice…see below

At about 8:05….

·         We’ll go for a little warm-up of 5-10 minutes of walking or jogging. Interestingly, everyone always seems to choose walking…

After the warm-up….

·         One of our team members will lead us in a stretching routine…this usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

The work-out begins!!!

·         We’ll break into groups based on the training schedules you’ve chosen to follow…You should be able to find someone who is a good match for you as a training partner.   The training is friendly and typically non-competitive.

·         The routes will be marked with bright yellow cones and Team Transplant directional signs.  In addition, we will have at least one water station stocked with Gatorade, Water, Fig Newtons along the course.

·         Michael Gave is often out on his bike with additional nutrition supplies, and I (or someone designated by me) will be patrolling the course in a car….

When you’re done…

·         Sign out with the TT Dept. of Homeland Security…STRETCH…and enjoy socializing with teammates over Gatorade and Fig Newtons.  (If you forget to sign out…we WILL call you!)

Glorious Weather for the 2015 Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Glorious Weather for the 2015 Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

 group_start_webWe had a fantastic time at the Seattle Rock’n Roll Half Marathon several weekends ago!   While we had a smaller showing at this event, our presence was just as strong as always!  Our team consisted of 9 veterans and 3 Team Transplant transplant rookies…and from the looks of things…our team is going to be in great shape for many seasons to come!

·         Our team was led by two of our rookies…Liver recipient Steven Philips and Lung recipient Cliff West both had remarkable debuts…both were UNDER the 3-hour barrier!   Steve clipped Cliff by a little over a minute with a time of 2:53:29 over Cliff’s 2:54:49!   The challenge is on, my friends!

·         Our next finisher was liver recipient Mari-Jo Fraser.  While she may not make it to many practices, she is always someone we can count on to make it to race day!   Despite having her training time squeezed by baseball practices and games; and attending her sons’ sports activities…she still managed to complete the 13.1 miles in 3:05:29!

·         Our next finisher was Joyce Jackson from the NW Kidney Center!    Joyce has become a regular member of our group…and her commitment to practices has clearly been paying off…Her time of 3:10:57 is almost 11 minutes faster than her time back in November for the Seattle Half!

·         Lenard Yen, liver recipient, was next across the line…Len is another who’s always up for a good race.  He had another fantastic day finishing the course in 3:17:21…and I’m certain that he made sure that those around him enjoyed every single one of those 3 hours and 17 minutes along the way!

·         Greg Eisen, one of our kidney transplants and another very committed team member, was not far behind, finishing in an excellent time of  3:35:01—15 minutes ahead of his time for the Seattle Half last November!

·         Close behind was another one of our 2015 blue chip rookies….Lung recipient, Kimberly Nunes, paced by Diana Cutler, made her Team Transplant and half marathon debut with an outstanding time of 3:38:30!

·         Liver recipient, John Martinez, who just gets stronger each season followed with a very fine time of 3:57:19—his 2nd time to dip under the 4-hour mark!

·         Congrats to Luan Majeed, Pia Dizon, and Angela Wagner who also participated in the half marathon!

We also had a crew who decided to take a step back this season and focus on a shorter distance…Nancy MacNeil (liver) and husband, Bruce; Dennis Cole (heart) and wife Carol Lynn; Jon Baird; and Susan Isoshima all competed in the 8K!  I’m sure that next season they’ll notice benefits from all the quickness they gained from doing a shorter, faster race!

I also want to say thanks to our awesome race day support and cheering crew!  Ron Adkins was there for the start to check folks in and stayed…along with Dick Fitzgerald… until our last finisher had crossed the line and was accounted for!    Dixie Service along with her son Gavin,  Carla Trulson Essenberg and Dave Trulson, and Micah Gwinn all provide very spirited support out at mile 8!   Leslie Olson was there to cheer  everyone on over the final stretch before entering Memorial Stadium!  Your energy and support made all the difference in the world!

And…finally…thanks to Jon Baird for his awesome post-race celebration planning!    With Janette Morantes out of town, he had some very big shoes to fill, and he more than made the event special for us!   Thanks to the party helpers…Susan Bussell, Susan Isoshima, Mike Gave, and Lenore and Steve Miller…Thanks to Luan Majeed for her help with the invitations…to Maggie Kim for making sure that all of our checks were on time and went to the right places…to Tami Sadusky for coordinating the new logo on the gargoyle (Congrats to the Bakery Buns!)…and  to Michael Bailey who made sure the yard was cleaned up and the house paint dry so that once you all arrived, you could go to town with the setting up!

Schedule Update – March 13

Schedule Update – March 13








It’s been quite a season so far…We’ve had beautiful weather, incredible
turnouts for practices, and a lot of really great energy and enthusiasm!
We’re working on plans to refresh our website;  looking into new apparel
options; and our Facebook page is alive and vibrant—We’ve got 196 “likes”
and our “post reach” was 767 this week! (no clue what that means, but it’s a
big number:-)…and we like those!)
We had a couple of new transplant recipients join us last week…Welcome to
Colleen Jacola, who is 38 (that’s right…you read it correctly…THIRTY–EIGHT…
another big number that we like)  years out from kidney transplant…and Jean
Lenning…who is less than year out from her liver transplant (we like small
numbers too!)…and welcome back to  Alvin Valencia, one of our kidney
transplants, who returned after a pretty exciting year off that included
getting married!
Steve Zieniewicz, UWMC CEO, gave a fabulous pep-talk to kick off our season…
He told us the story of Roger Bannister, the first person to run under 4:00
for the mile back in 1954.  As a young physician in training, Bannister had
several failed attempts before finally succeeding at  his goal.  It was
when he decided to make his attempt a team effort, calling on 2 friends to
help, that he finally realized his dream.  The friends, and training
partners, helped with pacing, drafting, and emotional support…And while the
4-minute mile had long been thought of as an impossibility, Roger
Bannister’s stunning 3:59.4 opened a flood gate…24 men broke the 4 minute
barrier that following  year!
So looking forward to our season…what mental barriers are holding you back?
The idea that someone who has liver disease, kidney failure, a heart
transplant, a lung transplant, works full time, has a family, is a busy
physician, doesn’t look like a runner, or has never run before can’t run or
walk a half marathon?  Team Transplant’s got a few people who can show you
that these notions are simply not true…and we have team members who will be
more than willing to be your support, your training partner, and your source
of accountability so that you can do it too!
Go Team!

Team Transplant Events

*    Saturday, March 14th…Seward Park…8:00am
o    Meet at the park entrance

*    Saturday, March 21st….Discount Day at Everyday Athlete
o    Meet in Kirkland to work out at 8:00am…Shop afterwards!
o    Shoes and apparel will be 15% off!

*    Saturday, March 30th…PAPERWORK IS DUE!!!
o    Please let me know if you have questions
o    I will send out the remainder of the training schedules and
information on signing up for the race after this date

*    Sunday, April 19th…Seahawk 5k/12k…Aka The Fifth Annual Team
Transplant Who Knows Their Fitness 5k Challenge!
o    Additional information below!!!

*    Saturday, June 13th…The Seattle Rock’n Roll Half Marathon and
post-race BBQ
o    Look for entry information after March 30th!
Other Events
*    UW Medicine Grand Rounds:  Exercise is Medicine!
o    Dr. Kenneth Cooper:,-MD,
Thursday, March 19th, 8-9:00am
UW Health Sciences:  HS-T625

*    UW Public Lecture Series:  Weight and Wellness
o    Starts April 8th

Seahawks Race…

I have registered us as a team…and will soon be delegating leadership
responsibilities to someone else…in the meantime…

*    We are working on new apparel ideas and have a limited supply of
team apparel right now.
*    If you are interested in a shirt, hat, or socks, please contact
Susan Isoshima to find out what is available:

From the News Desk
*    The Perfect Running Program for your Dog

*    Washington Post:  How Exercising can Build Strong Bones

*    US News and World Report: Healthy Eating Myths—How many have you
fallen for?

Schedule Update – March 6

Schedule Update – March 6




What a great morning we had last Saturday!  I’m not sure how many showed up
but by my quick estimate it was about bazillion…which is… in fact…an
all-time record…I’m sure the nice weather had something to do with it!  It
was a lot of fun to catch with familiar faces as well as to meet some new
people…A big Team Transplant welcome to Kimberly Nunes, a new lung
transplant recipient joining our team, and welcome back to Greg Mead, who is
a living kidney donor from Chicago, and was on our team several years ago!

Some other highlights from this past week:

*    Check out the attached picture of Team Transplanters, Len Yen and
Starla Sage, out training together in Hawaii!  There really is no off

*    That Dynamic Living Donor-Kidney Recipient Duo, Willie Richardson
and Jack Frank continue to make headlines…
o    From Willie (who is going to PT school in North Dakota)

Hi Team Transplanters,

Here is a news clip of a recent race I ran
in.  It was -31 with the windchill, -8 without!
Running in the rain is not so bad after all.


o    And straight from Seattle Children’s…a blog post featuring Jack:


*    And our good friend Mikki Dailey sends this message (Mikki was a
nurse at UWMC and served as our Team Transplant treasurer before moving back
to Ohio last fall):

o    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio! I miss you guys

Team Transplant Events
*    Saturday, March 7th…Kick-off Breakfast…Montlake Community
o    Join us for a workout and potluck breakfast—We will have a sign up
sheet at practice…or check with Janette to see what you can bring:
o    And…bring a friend…see attached flier!

*    Saturday, March 14th…Seward Park…8:00am
o    Meet at the park entrance

*    Saturday, March 21st….Discount Day at Everyday Athlete
o    Meet in Kirkland to work out at 8:00am…Shop afterwards!
o    Shoes and apparel will be 15% off!

*    Saturday, March 30th…PAPERWORK IS DUE!!!
o    Please let me know if you have questions …Paperwork is attached!
o    I will send out the remainder of the training schedules and
information on signing up for the race after this date

*    Sunday, April 19th…Seahawk 5k/12k…Aka The Fifth Annual Team
Transplant Who Knows Their Fitness 5k Challenge!
o    Teams will be forming soon!

*    Saturday, June 13th…The Seattle Rock’n Roll Half Marathon and
post-race BBQ
o    Look for entry information after March 30th!
Other Events
*    UW Medicine Grand Rounds:  Exercise is Medicine!
o    Dr. Kenneth Cooper:,-MD,
Thursday, March 19th, 8-9:00am
UW Health Sciences:  HS-T625

*    UW Public Lecture Series:  Weight and Wellness
o    Starts April 8th
*    We are working on new apparel ideas and have a limited supply of
team apparel right now.
*    If you are interested in a shirt, hat, or socks, please contact
Susan Isoshima to find out what is available:
Training Schedules and Paperwork
Please let me know if you’re missing something!

From the News Desk
*    No Colon, but Cal’s Collin Jarvis is still Rollin’

*    NPR:  Walk a little faster to get the most out of your exercise time

*    New York Times:  Walk Hard. Walk Easy. Repeat

*    King 5 News:  8 Ways to be a more Frugal Foodie