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transplanthouse_inviteThe 6th Annual Transplant House Dinner Party and Auction

The 6th Annual Transplant House Dinner Party and Auction is only one month away on October 29.  Your attendance, or support, will help provide housing for Transplant Patients who must stay in Seattle either pre or post transplant.  Please contact Tami Sadusky at if you have any questions or would like to attend.

About Us

Transplant House is an independent non-profit corporation formed by transplant recipients and volunteers.

It is a comprehensive resource for families going through the transplant process, both before and after surgery.

Transplant House is the heart of the transplant support process. We provide safe, convenient, and affordable housing for pre- and post-transplant recovery.

When patients are first listed, they and their families have already suffered a great deal. Here, patients and care-givers find a safe place for addressing these issues. These issues are not unique nor insurmountable.

Exhaustion, pain, fear, financial worries, and emotional ups and downs are all issues shared openly within the Transplant Community.

Transplant House does not offer medical advice or services. It provides support, hope and courage in the face of this incredible challenge.

Transplant House supports and facilitates the protocols of the University of Washington Medical Center.

At Transplant House, you won’t be alone.

In dedication to our donor families:“There is no greater love
than your compassion and gift of life.”


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